Outdoor restaurants fill up Royal Square. Royal Castle on right. In its sumptuous neo-classic rooms, work also of the architect Domenico Merlini (1690-1761), who greatly helped to spread Neo-classicism in Poland, you can find astonishing artistic collections: on the first floor, besides the Royal apartments, you shouldn’t miss to see the "Canaletto Room" with 23 views of Warsaw by Bernardo Bellotto known as Il Canaletto, nephew and pupil of the great Canaletto (1721-1780). These paintings, which illustrate with full details the architecture of the Warsaw of those days, have been of great help for the reconstruction of the old city. You can go on to the Throne Room and the magnificent Knight’s Hall with the large paintings by Marcello Bacciarelli, to the Marble Room and its 22 portraits of Polish kings, to the impressive Ballroom; you can admire the miniatures of Lucas Cranach the younger’s studio, Brussels’ tapestry based on cartoons by Coeckevan Aelst, Urbino ceramics, the paintings by Jan Matejko; you can look at the Parliament Rooms, illustrating the development of the Polish democracy.

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