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FOSTER BOTANICAL GARDEN - remarkable botanic displays including photogenic orchid section, in a 20 acre setting in downtown Honolulu. 

HANAUMA BAY - a delightful sea cove in Koko Head Park, its rugged grandeur was created by volcanic action 10,000 years ago when Pele made her last attempt to find home on Oahu, as legend tells. A favorite spot for swimming, picnicking, and snorkeling. [PHOTO]

HAWAII MARITIME CENTER - includes a museum. Aloha Tower plus the square-rigged Falls of Clyde and the Hokule'a Polynesian sailing canoe. 

HONOLULU ACADEMY OF ARTS - a registered national and state historic place, renowned for an extensive collection of Asian and Western art and the beauty of its grounds and buildings. 

HONOLULU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - nine miles west of Waikiki, the Honolulu Airport is the hub of the Pacific for transpacific airlines as well as several interisland airlines. 

IOLANI PALACE - only throne room under the American flag, where Hawaii's last two monarchs lived and ruled. Completed in 1882, it has been entirely renovated, displaying a magnificent interior. 

KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS - established by a member of Hawaii's royal family for boys and girls of Hawaiian ancestry. 

KANEANA CAVE - near Mauka just before the end of Farrington Highway, Kaneana, the sharkman deity, is supposed to have made his home in this cave which is volcanic and coral in formation. 

KAWAIAHAO CHURCH - dedicated in 1842, the "Westminster Abbey" of Hawaii offers Sunday services in Hawaiian and English.