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o'ahu . known as the gathering place.
remnants of ancient volcanoes formed
o'ahu more than nine million years ago
with two mountain ranges, koolau to
the east and waianae range to the west.
in 300 A.D. first polynesians arrive .
named sandwich islands in 1779 by captain
cook . third in size among the hawaiian 
islands with good natural harbors and 
fresh waters . coastal plains brought 
planters and ranchers from asia and 
polynesia . home of 75% of state's 
population . capital honolulu since king 
kamehameha moved his monarchy in the 
late 1840's . o'ahu is famous for its 
beaches, surfing, wide bays, deep valleys,
cliffs, and many inlets . o'ahu is hawaii's 
most picturesque island . i spent a month
on the island and have many photos to
share, so come explore island of o'ahu !
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