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Grand Sirenis Hotel Review: Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico

About the Grand Sirenis Hotel

The Grand Sirenis Hotel is a five-star resort located in Riviera Maya Mexico -- about a two hour drive from Cancun, and 1.5 hour from Cancun International Airport. The Grand Sirenis is absolutely spectacular! I have stayed at the Grand Sirenis Hotel five times since its opening. It never gets old, and I am always ready to return for more. 

I love the modern and simplistic architecture of the Sirenis. Expect to see lots of concrete. Lots of glass. Lots of exposed metal. Lots of neuteral colors. Expect enormous buildings shaped in non-conventional style throughout the property. Expect modern fixture, furniture and art. Anyone looking for that traditional Mexican-resort style architecture with warm pastel colors, this is not the place for you. The only somewhat traditional feel about the Sirenis is that most of the buildings somewhat resemble the shape of Mayan pyramids, with a modern twist.

 Grand Sirenis Photos | Akumal Riviera Maya Mexico

The lobby itself is probably the biggest around in the Riviera Maya area.  In fact, there are two lobbies connected with a wing -- both identical, but layout is reversed. Some people may find the lobby cold and dark.  The lobby can almost reminds me of an interior of a modern museum in Chicago or New York City.   

The Sirenis property is enormous in size. The hotel itself was built around a lush jungle. There is endless walking to do. Depending on where you'll stay on the property, you can expect to walk ten minutes or more before you arrive at your destination; beach or pool or lobby. Though, that is a great feature for any all-inclusive property -- you'll want to walk off that breakfast, lunch and dinner. This place is great for runners, as well.  Though, you'll want to head out early in the morning before outside temperature gets too hot for your comfort. [Contact us if you feel this section needs an update]

Rooms and Amenities

This hotel is fairly new. I believe the construction was completed sometime in 2007. The entire property is clean and spotless. All amenities are state-of-the-art. Guest rooms are huge, in fact, they're all junior suites, there are also presidential suites. These rooms are the biggest I've seen in the Riviera Maya hotel zone. Beds are very comfortable and actually soft, unlike other hotels in Riviera Maya. Bathrooms are very large and modern. Each bathroom is equipped with a with multi-head walk-in shower, as well as two-person jacuzzi. Marble is everywhere -- on the walls -- on the floor. Each junior suite has its own refrigerator filled with soft drinks, water and beer. A large semi-private balcony complements each room.  If you get an ocean-view room, you're in luck.  Views of the Caribbean are spectacular. However, pool view rooms are just as impressive as they're facing west, where you'll see beautiful sunsets over the jungle.



I wasn't completely thrilled with the food during each visit. The buffet is just OK. Breakfast buffet isn't bad, though. Lunch and dinner buffet need some improvement. It needs more choices; more fish and meat options; more fruit and definitely more desserts! Food wasn't always warm, unless it was brought out of the kitchen or made fresh in front of you. There are two main buffet restaurants located by the lobby which probably seat couple hundred guests. These two air-conditioned buffets are very elegant and nicely decorated in orange and green tones. You may opt to sit outside in open air with great views of the property and Caribbean Sea in background. You may get a little hot there during lunchtime, but I highly recommend this seating for late dinners or even breakfast.  Service is very impressive. Staff is very attentive. You might even see a Mariachi Band on some nights. [Contact us if you feel this section needs an update]

There are two additional buffet restaurants located by two swimming pools. These buffet restaurants are not air conditioned as they are open to the outside. There is a limited selection of food, but these buffets are a great alternative to the two indoor buffets. Also, these buffets are closer to the beach and pools and proper attire is not required, though you must wear something over your bathing suit.

The Sirenis has numerous a-la-carte restaurants, which are quite good. Japanese restaurant is by far the best a-la-carte establishment there. Your other choices for a-la-carte restaurants include: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, BBQ-style, Steakhouse, French, and Brazilian. There is also a Lobster Gala Night which is held in the main buffet restaurant, and sometimes on the beach. However, the Lobster Gala is only offered to guests who had booked their vacation package with a certain travel agency.


Service at the Grand Sirenis is quite impressive, given its enormous size and amount of guests. Most staff members speak English and French. Some staff members who work in the lobby speak Italian and German.  Nevertheless, you'll have to be patient and speak slowly, as Spanish is the native language.  If you're in your room calling for something like room service or room supplies, make sure the person on the other end of the phone knows what you're talking about. 

Bars and Nightlife

Bars throughout the property are quite impressive. Beach/pool bars offer awesome drinks. Order from the menu or create your own. What really stands out about the Sirenis is that the lobby bars offer premium liquor/spirits. So you won't be consuming any generic vodka or rum or tequila, as most other hotels in the area do. Just ask for your favorite brand, and there is a good chance they will have it. Beach/pool bars are only stocked with generic liquor/spirits and a limited amount of mixes. But if you are extremely picky about what you drink, you can always walk over to the lobby bar for your premium drink. I must mention that the beach bar has its own self-serve ice cream machine!  Nothing better than cold ice cream cone on a hot day.

Sirenis has its own night club. You will only see Sirenis staff and hotel's guests. No outside crowds are allowed. You will have to refer to a map to locate it as its placed in an odd location, in my opinion. The nightclub can be a lengthy walk, depending on where your room is. Its a rather large club, with a full service bar, pretty good dance / electronic music and fun atmosphere. No smoking is allowed. Some people were dressed up and some were not. So if you feel like you didn't bring proper attire for a club, don't stress out, most people wore khaki shorts and polo shirts and women had on casual dinner attire. [Contact us if you feel this section needs an update] 

Daytime Entertainment

Sirenis Hotel has its own full-time around the clock entertainment staff.  These are young people from around the world who keep the guests busy all day. They're easy to identify by their uniforms. There are dozens of daytime activities such as volleyball, water polo, etc. At night, there are several shows in the giant outdoor covered theater for guests to enjoy.  There is a different show each night, however, if you're staying at the Sirenis for more than seven days, you're bound to see same show twice. The outdoor theater has its own fully-staffed bar.

The Beach

The beach is A M A Z I N G. It is fairly large. It is totally secluded and private. You feel like you're in a secluded, private resort as you do not see other neighboring hotels or properties. Sand is white and soft -- gets extremely hot in the sun. Yes, there is a lot of coral and coral rocks in the water as you walk in. Therefore, getting in the water might be somewhat tricky.

Nevertheless, there are ways of getting around all that -- just look down as you're entering the water.  There are several "paths" where there is not a coral or rock in place. If anyone is concerned about safety and doesn't want to fall down or cut their feet on the coral, just bring beach shoes or go in the water wearing your flip flops -- problem solved.  I highly do not recommend going in the water at night.  Its almost impossible to see around you and tides come and go.

Beach amenities

There are PLENTY of beach lounge chairs and palapas to go around -- I would say over two hundred, if not more. So you don't need to get up at the crack of dawn to "reserve" your chairs with your towels, magazines or sunblock bottles. Recently, I stayed at hotel in Puerto Aventuras -- which was an adventure itself -- I had to get up at 5am each morning just so I could "reserve" a chair and have a place to sit/lay out all day. Even that early in the morning, hotel guests were fighting for chairs! That's not the case with the Sirenis -- which scores this hotel LOTS of points! I can't stress enough how important it is for a property to offer an ample amount of beach chairs. If you prefer being in the shade, there are many palapas large enough to accommodate four people. You won't find many palm trees on the beach. I am not sure if there are any left from Hurricane Dean damage. However, right next to the beach bar and massage hut, there is an area with several palm trees which give some shade and a cozy-tropical feeling.

Beach staff

Beach is fully staffed with friendly waitresses. They do understand English language quite well, not sure about other languages, but I did hear some of them speaking French. But you are in Mexico, so how hard is it for you to learn "Dos cervezas, por favor!" The beach staff makes frequent rounds around the beach about every 15-20 minutes. If they don't see you or bypass you, just flag them down and tell them what drink fancy. Your beverage will arrive in about 10-15 minutes, depending on how packed the beach is. Waitresses don't expect tips, but I always tipped -- $1 or $2 every other round.

Having beach staff is a HUGE plus for me. Most hotels in the area don't offer this service. There is nothing better than chilling or baking in a beach chair watching your drinks being delivered by a friendly waitress.

There are menus with drink choices.  Also feel free to ask what else is available, or just tell the staff what you like. Mojitos are the BEST -- they're loaded with light and dark rum and lots of fresh mint and ice. You can get them with or without sugar, which makes the drink carb-free.

There are two beach bars. One of the beach bars offers cold and hot snacks to go, and other bar, which was recently added on directly on the beach, offers drinks only. Beach staff is available until about 5pm each day. After that, you'll need to get your drinks from pool bars or pool swim-up bars, but those close around 7pm. And if you miss that last call, you can always grab your drinks from the lower-level lobby bar which is open 24-hours!

There is also a fresh juice bar near the beach and by the pool area. You can get fresh-squeezed juices of your choice or make your own frozen drink, sort of like Jamba Juice. This bar has limited hours, so be sure to catch it. [Contact us if you feel this section needs an update]


The Pools

Pools are totally amazing. I've stayed at this hotel three times and I feel like I didn't explore all of the pools. These are not your typical square/rectangular pools. The pools at Sirenis almost resemble lakes -- as far as size and layout/design goes. Water is very warm and they're around 3' and 4' deep. They are all chlorine-treated, but you won't smell like bleach when you come out. There are no fresh/salt water pools at the Sirenis. There are hundreds of chairs around all pools, so again, lots of places to lounge around. And as mentioned before, each pool has its own bar and swim-up bar. There is also that fresh juice bar I had mentioned before adjacent to one of the pools.

Lazy River

The highlight of the Sirenis -- well, almost. My buddy had made me stay at the Sirenis twice just because of the lazy river. There's nothing better than a lazy river on a hot sunny day. Bring your inflatable tube and a favorite drink for the ride. Bring your own inflatable tube from home with you as the Sirenis no longer provides them, as they used to back in spring. You may buy tubes and other fun stuff in the hotel's lobby, as well. [Contact us if you feel this section needs an update]

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If there is anything in this review you feel should be changed or added, feel free to contact us.